Dark Knight Makes Best Film List

The Dark Knight Batman film has been named as one of the top 10 films of 2008 with the American Film Institute. Other politicians biopic Milk, animated fantasy Wall-E and Brad Pitt The curious case of Benjamin Button..

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Twilight Star Quot Keeps A Low Profile Quot

Its Fine he said.On One Hand You Have To Be Wary Now Who Wants To Work With You Maybe You Have A Little Bit More Pull Now Youre Going Get Your Movie Made With Me But I Only Want To Work With People That Really Inspire Me And Just Have The Right Artistic Thing Going. But she said: He added Im Pretty Low-profile I Can Go Out I Dont Ever Get Recognised By Anybody she was t bother about the attention surrounding the film. The 18 years Twilight star has found herself catapulted to instant fame following the success of the film in the United States, with his face on everything from bags of badges and posters. Kristen Stewart revealed that is rarely recognized in public.

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Fizzy Spell Pga Seals 10 Year Drink Tie Up

This is some deal, considering the recently completed Australian Open went on without a sponsor for naming rights and Australian Masters at Huntingdale three weeks ago secured its naming rights sponsor - Sportsbet - only 11 hours.. The company will become the PGA premier partner and official supplier of soft drinks under an agreement which begins on 1 January.

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News Bits Lil Wayne K O The Legend

Users can download the application and add accessories to their pictures or insert the Cash Money Rapper in their photos. Creations can then be added to personal galleries or shared with friends via e-mail. Lil Wayne is everywhere these days, and now, fans can find him in another place: their iPhone or iPod Touch. Currently, demand is located in the upper corner at 50 applications for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Epic Tilt has developed an application called to be like Lil Wayne.

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Mamma Mia Its A Panto Of The Film

HIT Mamma Mia show has proved a blockbuster film the years, particularly in the west coast village of Morar. Music by the ever-popular Abba provides the material for a sing along --. The exhibition takes the stage at school on Monday with two shows that invite a free was issued for entire community. It was written and directed by teacher Dawn MacPhie and gives each student a role. Boy oh Boy law, which has every popular Panto rolled into one with appearances by Santa, Cinderella, the queen of evil and the good fairy with the two ugly sisters played by boys dressed in pink frocks. The Lady Lovat village primary schools have 24 pupils so that bowled the film that they put together a pantomime loosely-based shows.

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